Why I became an occupational therapist

Dec 17, 2019#CommuniTea Stories

👤 Sarah, Occupational Therapist

☕ Coffee/tea order: Tea


“I drink a latte with one sugar, but I do actually prefer a cup of tea. If I do have a coffee, it’s only one in the morning for me, otherwise, I’d be buzzing all day!

I normally ride my bike to my work at North Richmond Community Health, which is enough to wake me up most mornings. I live a few suburbs away, so I’m l fortunate enough to beat the traffic by riding to work every day. I love working and living within the local area as there’s a real sense of community here.

I do a lot of work in early childhood intervention – I help children with their development and support their families. I’m particularly passionate about supporting families from diverse backgrounds, and North Richmond Community Health is a great opportunity for this. We often work with many of the local kindergartens, child care centres and primary schools. Most of our clients also live around the area which makes in-home visits really easy.

Working with children and their families is really important to me and is one of the reasons that I got into occupational therapy. I broke my back when I was a teenager and my occupational therapist was important in my recovery and really stood out to me. The occupational therapist got me back to riding my bike, hanging out with friends and running around again – which are all the things that a teenager loves to do of course! That drove me to become an occupational therapist – I want to be able to help others in the same way that my therapist helped me.”

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