NRCH Grounds Renewal Project


NRCH’s Grounds Renewal Project, will increase our capacity to improve health & wellness outcomes for our community.

This project will see improvement of our grounds and an expansion of the precinct.

This will increase our ability to provide care, support, and services to all our consumers, clients, and community, and in more outdoor settings.

This project focuses on providing NRCH buildings and the surrounding neighbourhood with better landscaped gardens and with better facilities for growing food, for clients and community to take part in outdoor activities, be outside with nature, in a more relaxed and supported environment.

We will also reclaim underutilised external spaces so we can provide additional services and support to all.


Grounds Renewal Project

Design Response

1. Develop exisiting footpath to NRCH’s entrance.

2. Garden and new entry to West Building (MSIR) to improve access from Lennox Street.

3. Community space for activities.

4. Improve landscaping south of NRCH ground level carpark.

Key Stages:

The proposed grounds renewal works will be done in three stages:

STAGE 1: Develop existing diagonal footpath, improving the access to NRCH’s entrance.

STAGE 2: Landscaping redevelopment to creat an activity and gathering space.

STAGE 3: Community activity space.

Stage 1: Entrance

In this stage of the project, we will upgrade the entrance to the NRCH precinct. The footpath is designed for all abilities.

Entrance Footpath


Stage 2: Activity & Gathering Space

This stage includes a landscaped garden, vision garden screening, seating and covered areas.

This will provide space for:

  • Health and wellbeing services
  • Connecting and gathering
  • Activities (art wall & BBQ)

Activities & Gathering Space

Stage 3: Community Space

In this stage, we will work together with the community to create a space that suits all who access it.

This could include a space for supported health & wellbeing activities, cultural performances, celebrations, & events.

Community Space


We want to hear from you!

Tell us what you think of our plans for the renewal of the NRCH grounds.

This will allow us to improve the health & wellness outcomes for our community.

Contact us!

Sally Cordina
Project Manager – NRCH Amenity Improvement Project
North Richmond Community Health
23 Lennox Street, Richmond, Victoria, 3121
P: 9418 9833

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