Diabetes Education

Support, information, care and advice for people concerned about diabetes.


What we provide:

Our specialist staff can support you to prevent or delay onset of diabetes, or to understand and manage all types of diabetes in ways that best suit you. We can:

  • provide individual appointments, group sessions and home and community visits (in some circumstances)
  • help you understand what diabetes means, how it develops and who is at risk
  • give support so you can make changes and choices to prevent diabetes or improve control and health
  • help you use a blood glucose meter, tablets or injected medication effectively (including adjusting doses, if your doctor agrees)
  • assess your diabetes treatment and suggest changes  to improve management to your doctor
  • work with you in partnership with your GP, specialist doctor or hospital services.

Our services are:

  • free
  • educational
  • supportive
  • available in languages other than English.

Priority is given to people living or working in the City of Yarra, but services are available to everyone. We prefer a Medicare referral where possible.

Support groups

We host support groups in various community languages.


Telephone and on-site interpreters can be arranged in any language at no cost to you.

How to make a referral for a patient

To make a referral for a patient, please complete the Diabetes Education Referral Form and email it to intake@nrch.com.au . If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact (03) 9418 9800.



North Richmond Community Health’s Diabetes Education service is supported by the Victorian Government.

Key information

How to access our services


(03) 9418 9965



Send referral letter from your clinician to Intake at:

North Richmond Community Health 23 Lennox St Richmond, VIC 3121

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