Physiotherapy for Ageing Well Service

Improve joint and muscle pain and move better

Our Physiotherapists will work on a tailored treatment plan that will help rehabilitate and prevent joint and muscle injuries.

Our Physiotherapist can help you to improve:

  • pain and stiffness in joints and muscles
  • back and neck pain
  • recovering after surgery or injury
  • mobility and walking
  • balance and preventing falls
  • understanding your condition.

Our Physiotherapist can give help and advice on:

  • walking aids and equipment
  • exercises to improve your balance and prevent falls
  • exercises to improve strength and reduce pain.


Our services are:

  • low cost or free
  • culturally-sensitive
  • available in languages other than English.


North Richmond Community Health’s Physiotherapy service is supported by the Victorian Government.

Contact information

If you’re a client

If you have a query about our Physiotherapy service for ageing well:

9418 9800


If you’re a health practitioner 

(03) 9418 9965



Send referral letter from your clinician to Intake at:

North Richmond Community Health 23 Lennox St Richmond, VIC 3121

Working Staff




Enrico is a highly experienced physiotherapist with a specialised focus on hip and lower limb rehabilitation. His extensive training and expertise in this field equip him with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care for individuals facing musculoskeletal challenges in these regions. Enrico’s passion for hip and lower limb rehabilitation is evident in his commitment to helping patients regain mobility and function.

Enrico’s proficiency in dry needling adds an effective dimension to his treatments, offering targeted pain relief and improved muscle function. His treatment philosophy emphasises the significance of movement and functional training. He customises rehabilitation programs that prioritise restoring mobility, strength, and overall functionality in the hip and lower limb areas. This passion-driven approach ensures his clients achieve their optimal physical well-being and a better quality of life.

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