Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH)

Improving the health and well being of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds since 1994.

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What we provide:

The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health (CEH) offers a range of services and resources for health, community services and local government professionals as well as community members:

Go to the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health’s website to learn more.

Our services are:

  • inclusive
  • evidence-based
  • backed by more than two decades of expertise
  • used by a wide range of large and small organisations across Australia.

Key information

How to access our services

Go to the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health website.


(03) 9418 9929


Health Translations Directory

The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health manages the Health Translations Directory, an online directory of translated health information. With over 23,000 resources in more than 100 languages, the directory is used by health services, professionals and community members to find high quality translated health information.

You can use the Health Translations Directory site to search resources by language, topic and keyword.

Victoria State Government

 This initiative is supported by the Victorian Government.

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