Plain language can improve patient health

Oct 22, 2020Health and Wellbeing, Latest News

On October 20, our team at the Centre of Culture Ethnicity and Health (CEH) gathered pledges from health workers and organisations across Australia to “drop the jargon” for Drop the Jargon Day.

Drop the Jargon Day is a day for health and human services workers to practice and promote using plain, jargon free language. 6 out of 10 people in Australia have low Health Literacy. Many Australians have trouble understanding and using the information provided by organisations and navigating complicated systems like healthcare services. When we use jargon it is hard for people to understand and use information.

Our CEH team members, Bernice Murphy and John Nguyen, spoke with SBS Radio about how healthcare professionals can use plain language to can improve patient health. Listen to it here in English and here in Macedonian.



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