Outreach and Engagement Service

The Outreach and Engagement Service aims to achieve the best health outcomes for people who use drugs (PWUD) in North Richmond and to support the community. 

The North Richmond Outreach and Engagement Service is a multidisciplinary program of skilled, clinical and non-clinical staff who work with people who use drugs (PWUD), people who have complex health and social needs such as mental health, homelessness, and food insecurity.

Workers will support PWUD to identify and address their needs, provide case coordination support, direct care, referrals and, follow up.

The aims of the service are to achieve the best health outcomes for PWUD in North Richmond and to support the community.

The primary purpose of the Outreach and Engagement Service is to support PWUD in North Richmond. This service will engage with PWUD to;

1. Provide trauma-informed outreach through:
  • support programs and therapeutic interventions
  • a culturally safe and appropriate framework
  • promoting and supporting safer substance use
  • delivering comprehensive, holistic interventions that support long-term client and community member engagement
2. Provide case management for complex needs by:
  • providing broader access to health and social support services through their own service model, or through providing partnerships with other local service providers
  • aiming to improve the health, wellbeing, housing and social outcomes for PWUD
  • aiming to prevent and reduce drug-related harm, such as overdose, and other health-related issues.
3. Deliver community engagement by:
  • providing a proactive, community-wide outreach response
  • responding positively to health-based issues raised by community members.



Operating hours

The Outreach and Enhanced Service operating hours will be responsive to client needs. Initially, the service will operate seven days a week between 8:30 am and 10:30 pm.

NRCH will review the service and client data to understand service needs and these hours may be changed if analysis indicates this would better meet clients or community needs.

Contacting the Service and Making Referrals

Clients (PWUD), community and other stakeholders can contact the service by calling the free number or email address below:

Phone: 1800 841 051

Email: oce@nrch.com.au

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