NRCH’s Response to the Referendum Outcome

Oct 17, 2023Latest News


North Richmond Community Health (NRCH) is disheartened by the outcome of the referendum on Saturday; this is a missed opportunity for positive change. Despite our collective efforts and hopes, it is crucial that we use this time to reflect, learn, and redirect our disappointment and frustrations towards continuing to support and work with First Nations Peoples in finding alternative pathways for progress and meaningful change.

We can do this by listening, walking, and talking alongside our First Nations People towards sustainable change and equitable health and social outcomes.

NRCH draws inspiration from the remarkable strength and resilience of First Nations People, and our commitment remains firmly in place as we stand by their side on the journey towards truth-telling, treaty, and closing the gap.

The referendum result will be distressing for many, particularly our First Nations People. If you require support at this time, please reach out to:


  • 13 YARN (13 92 76) to talk with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporter
  • Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
  • Kids Help Line – 1800 55 1800

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