NRCH is proud to be celebrating 50 years of community health!

Nov 9, 2023Latest News

Did you know community health services including North Richmond Community Health have been around for 50 years in Victoria?


Over the last 50 years, community health services have been leaders in providing high-quality healthcare and social support where people need it most. North Richmond Community Health (NRCH) is proud to be one of the many services that have been providing accessible health care and social services to Victorians.

NRCH will be marking its 50th anniversary in the coming year and would like to take a moment to celebrate the incredible journey we’ve shared with the vibrant community of Richmond, Victoria. From our humble beginnings in 1974, when we were known as the North Richmond Family Care Centre, we have since evolved into a dynamic force for positive change, addressing the diverse health needs of our community with remarkable commitment.

Looking to the future, we carry with us a legacy of positive impact, a community empowered, and a vision for a healthier, more resilient Victoria. Together, we continue to build on the foundations of the past 50 years, shaping a brighter and healthier tomorrow for all.

NRCH would like to thank the past and present community health workforce and the community members who are an important part of our service and story. We will be sharing more information about NRCH’s 50th anniversary celebrations early next year. If you are interested in getting involved please send your enquiries to .

In the meantime, take a moment to tune in to a recent podcast episode featuring a discussion on Community Health Services with NRCH’s GPs, Dr. Gloria Moscattini and Dr. David Isaac.


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