Join the Week Without Violence

Oct 8, 2020Latest News

Join our online Week Without Violence Activity by painting or drawing on a t-shirt! Follow the steps below to get involved.

Express your feelings about family violence by writing words or drawing artwork on a t-shirt.

Get some ideas and inspiration for your t-shirt artwork here.

If you don’t have a t-shirt to paint on, you can download and print a paper version here.

Share a photo of your t-shirt by tagging our Facebook page @NRCHaus or email us if you would like us to share your image anonymously.

Use the hashtag #WWV so other people can find your contribution online!

The goal is to raise awareness about family violence, show support for victims and inspire women to seek help.

This activity is part of the Clothesline Project which is supported by victims, survivors and their supporters from all over the world.



Week Without Violence 2020
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