We need reputable health services on social media

Apr 14, 2020#CommuniTea Stories

Media Volunteer Blake sits down for #CommuniTea stories project at North Richmond Community Health

👤 Blake, Multimedia Journalist Volunteer

☕ Coffee/tea order: Long black

“I did an assignment on harm minimisation as part of my Bachelor’s degree, and because it was around the time of state elections, North Richmond Community Health came up in a lot of the research – that’s how I heard about this place. I was looking to volunteer for something ethical that I really believed in, like a mental health facility or refugee facility, so it was absolutely perfect that a Media Volunteer opportunity opened up here.

Social media posts are something I didn’t have any experience in, so it’s good that I get to do that here –  it’s a function of public health journalism I hope to be involved in after I graduate. People need reputable health services to be active on social media – there’s so much misinformation online with regard to health, so we now need to go online to quash health myths and give people the right information. Pre-internet you would just hand out brochures in the waiting room, but now there is so much information online.

I didn’t realise how big the North Richmond Community Health centre was and how many services are offered. The dental service is a big thing here, which I think is great because the access and affordability of public dental services in Victoria is a huge public health issue. I hope public dental receive more funding soon so people aren’t waiting a year or more for an appointment.”


#CommuniTea Stories 

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