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Are you eating enough choline?

November 26 2019

What is choline?

Choline is a nutrient found in a variety of foods including:

  • eggs
  • red meat
  • chicken
  • fish
  • dairy
  • some green vegetables
  • wholegrains.

What are the benefits of choline?

Reducing stress-related diseases

Choline influences the production of cortisol which may reduce the likelihood of stress-related diseases in later life such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

Improving health for over 65s

Choline is important for Australians over 65 years old for bone health. It also stops cognitive decline and is linked to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Improving your baby’s health during pregnancy

Choline is also important during pregnancy in reducing the risk of neural tube defects as well as risk factors associated with pre-eclampsia. Eating choline-rich foods during pregnancy may be important for your child’s brain development, including:

  • information processing speeds
  • learning
  • memory
  • attention.

What foods are high in choline?

Eggs in particular provide more than double the amount of choline than any other choline source. There are many choline-rich recipes such as Lentil and Feta Frittata and Sweet Corn and Broccoli slice. You can find more delicious choline-rich recipes here.


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