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Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites is an aged care dental outreach program developed in partnership with the Melbourne Primary Care network. We provide oral health check-ups and information to aged care facilities within the Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local catchment.

Pearly Whites aims to:

  • improve the oral health of residents of aged care facilities within our catchment
  • increase oral health knowledge for both staff and residents of aged care facilities
  • establish referral pathways for dental care when required
  • enable aged care facilities to meet their accreditation requirements.

What we achieve in three to four visits:

  • Visit 1: We provide an information pack to the facility and book future visits.
  • Visit 2: Our Dental Hygienist conducts individual oral health assessments for residents. A report is provided for each resident and a summary report is provided for the facility.
  • Visit 3: Oral Health Educators provide an educational session and workshop with facility staff
  • Visit 4: We conduct follow-up sessions with both residents and staff at the facility. We may also provide assistance with referrals for dental treatment and a limited amount of care provided within the facility, as negotiated.

To learn more, contact our oral health team:

E-mail: teeth@nrch.com.au

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