You said. We did.

Working with the community, for the community.

Your feedback is important to us – it helps us to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve. We have provided some examples of how we have responded to your feedback to provide better services for our community.

You wanted more support around healthy shopping and eating.

We formed the Smart Shopping and Cooking Skills Group to help you prepare meals at home that support healthy aging.

You asked our Physiotherapists to get Physitrack for exercise.

We have started using Physitrack for emailing exercises, printing hand outs and for desk exercises for staff.

We also developed chair-based exercises handouts in English Hakka and Vietnamese- clients after asking clients what translated resources they would like.

Improving your GP appointment experience.

Our SMS system will remind you of your appointment date and precise appointment time. We no longer request you to arrive 15 minutes early.

“Waiting times for a check-up are too long (three years in my case)”

In order to reduce our waiting times, we need more Government Funding for public dental care. At current funding levels, only 16% of eligible Victorians are able to access public dental care in any given year.

We advocate for an increase in Government funding for public dental care.

“I need to see someone (a counsellor) sooner than in a few weeks time? I can’t wait this long!”

We introduced a drop-in service 4 days a week to assist with short term assistance such as form filling.

This is a first in first serve system and we recommend clients to come in early on the day to secure an appointment.

Find out more about our drop-in service here.

“Can you please put information around the centre for family violence services?”

Thank you for your suggestion. We keep brochures at reception that provide information about various local services including family violence services. You can ask one of our receptionists for brochures.

“Can you please let me know if there will be students examining my mouth?”

We always inform our clients before their appointment that there will be students examining their mouth as well as give clients the option to be seen by students.

We will make sure all staff at reception communicates this clearly with every client.

“Can you improve the outdoor amenities at the centre?”

We pressure clean the concrete area outside our front entrance every fortnight to maintain a cleaner environment for our community.

Providing nutrition and dietetics support to the community doing COVID-19..

We have:

  • increased contact with our clients through phone calls
  • provided written information to clients via post or email including translated information
  • provided weekly food security program for our clients that need it. We send out pre prepared meals, fresh fruit and vegetables and packaged foods
  • developed referral process to support clients to access the food security program
  • distributed meals cards to clients for them to use at local restaurants for take away meals
  • developed and distributed nutrition information through our community newsletter.

You said you were finding it challenging to manage the health of your feet whilst being at home during COVID-19.

We have setup podiatry clinics for high priority clients.

Tell us about your experience with us

We welcome feedback as it helps us to know what we are doing well and where we need to improve. 

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