Yarra Mental Health Project

The Yarra Public Housing Mental Health Project is a new team to support the Yarra public housing residents to access mental health support.

Meet our team:


We raise awareness, reduce shame, and encourage residents to access services and talk about mental health. We work with residents and mental health services to make sure that the services include cultural and religious needs.

We recognise that good mental health is important to live a healthy and happy life, and we want public housing residents to feel confident to know what their mental health needs are and where to go for help.


We are here to support with:

  • Service access and referrals
  • Social and emotional wellbeing needs
  • Co-designing wellbeing activities
  • Facilitating social activities
  • Health check-ins
  • Health literacy sessions (understanding the health systems)
  • Providing self-care sessions
  • Learning how to support family/friends going through difficult times
  • Learning about symptoms of stress and ways to manage them

To download our program flyer click here.

For mental health resources and support services download our guide here. 

Key information

Contact us

Monday to Friday | 9:00am to 5:00pm

Achut Thuc

Phone: 0459 963 517
Email: achutt@nrch.com.au

Kyle Podesser

Phone: 0400 824 441
Email: kylep@nrch.com.au

Maryan Mohamed

Phone: 0400 687 695
Email: maryanm@nrch.com.au

Abdinasir Mussabehe

Phone: 0400 740 198
Email: abdinasirm@nrch.com.au

Justina Korpoi

Phone: 0498 058 227
Email: justinak@nrch.com.au

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