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Feb 15, 2017Latest News, Our Services

Do you want to share health information in a variety of languages? The Health Translations Directory is a one-stop shop for translated health resources.

You can browse the directory for direct links to reliable resources by language, topic or organisation.

Healthcare providers can use these resources to communicate with their clients and make their services more accessible to the local community. However, these resources are freely available to all. You can also use the directory to access translated information for yourself, a friend or family member.

If you want to encourage an Arabic-speaking client to think about getting a heart and stroke check, you could use the Arabic resource from the National Heart Foundation of Australia.

The Department of Health, local community health centres and other healthcare providers have created these resources for people with limited English proficiency. The website also provides tips and tools for producing high quality, translated resources.

The Health Translations Directory, managed and maintained by the Centre for Culture Ethnicity and Health, is a Victorian Government initiative. The resources in this directory are carefully selected to ensure accuracy of the information.

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