Men’s Health Week 2024

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Men's Health Week 2024

It’s Men’s Health Week (10 – 18 June)!

This week is chance to raise awareness about preventable health issues and promote early detection and treatment of diseases among men and boys.

Men have a lower life expectancy, are more likely to be overweight and experience higher rates of a range of chronic diseases compared to women. Multiple factors contribute to the elevated health risks for men. Many men are impacted by socioeconomic factors – such as income, employment, education and housing – that can affect their health and access to health care. While beliefs, attitudes and stereotypes of masculinity can create social barriers that prevent men from seeking the care they need and exposes them to greater risks.

We know that health checks save lives. Regular health checks enable you, or the men in your life, to detect diseases and conditions early when they are most treatable. Don’t put it off and make an appointment today!

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What can I do?
Join in NRCH’s Men’s Walking Group,

When: Running every Tuesday  | 10am -12pm
Where: Meet at North Richmond Community Hub, 110 Elizabeth Street, Richmond.

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