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COVID-19 Testing Clinic

North Richmond Community Health (NRCH) remains an essential health service and will continue protecting the health of our clients and the broader community during the lockdown. This includes encouraging good hygiene practices and physical distancing strategies across all of our services to provide continued safe, and excellent care.

Open: Monday to Friday between 10am to 4pm*

*Please note: the clinic is closed for 30 minutes each day between 12:30 to 1:30 (the exact closing time alternates each day depending on community activities)

Weekend hours:

Saturday 4 December|10am to 2pm
Sunday 5 December | CLOSED

Location: Between 106 and 108 Elizabeth Street, Richmond (in line of sight with North Richmond Community Health)


how to find the help and support station at NRCH

*You do not need to have COVID-19 symptoms to get tested at our clinic.

Doorstep Testing:

We can do COVID-19 testing at your home in special circumstances only (e.g. if you are isolating or you are unable to leave your home due to mobility or other health issues) and you live in Richmond, Cremorne or Burnley. Doorstep testing is not available to people who can come and get tested onsite.

To arrange doorstep testing, call our reception team on 9418 9800 and ask to speak with our HRAR team.

Weekend Testing Clinic:

NRCH COVID-19 Testing Clinic will be open:

Saturday 4 December| 10am to 2pm
Sunday 5 December | CLOSED

For testing outside our operating hours, please visit St Vincent’s Fever Clinic.

St Vincent’s Fever Clinic Information
Open 8:00am – 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday

The clinic tests patients with symptoms of COVID-19.

You do not need a referral or appointment to attend the St Vincent’ Fever Clinic.




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