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Chompers is a school-based oral health program developed by North Richmond Community Health. We educate and provide check-ups for kids in local schools and kindergartens in the City of Yarra.

Through Chompers, we aim to improve children’s oral health by working collaboratively with the local community and increasing the availability of oral health care to all families.

The Chompers team consists of Oral Health Therapists, a Nutritionist and Dental Assistants. Together, we provide oral health and nutrition education which cover topics like healthy eating, dental disease, tooth brushing and understanding plaque. We also provide oral health assessments for all consenting children.

Since the program began in 2014, we have worked with 14 primary schools and 11 early learning centres – and provided over 2337 check-ups.

If we identify a child who is at high-risk of oral health problems, we invite them to come to our clinic for a free treatment. We also use our assessments to identify particular schools which are considered ‘high-risk’ and visit on an annual basis. ‘Low-risk’ schools are visited every two years.

North Richmond Community Health is currently planning a similar program for high schools, and trialling the provision of dental treatment at schools.

To learn more, contact our oral health team:

E-mail: teeth@nrch.com.au

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