More than just fixing teeth, I give life advice

May 19, 2020#CommuniTea Stories

Dr Brian talks volunteering at North Richmond Community Health for CommuniTea Stories

👤 Dr Brian, Orthodontics Volunteer
☕ Coffee/tea order: Flat white

“I live in the street at the end here. I’ve worked as a dentist since 1971, and retired nearly 6 years ago from private practice.
Volunteering here, I do orthodontics, we cover the cost of plates and outsourced materials that we need.

What I enjoy about volunteering is giving back. Also, there’s a sociability factor with it; mixing with other people you would otherwise not be in contact with. The number of different nationalities I get to interact with is something I appreciate very much. Another thing that I’m pleased to have had an opportunity to do is to direct the future endeavours of a couple of kids that I’ve worked with. I’m always giving advice; it’s a big part of what I do.

Self-esteem is quite tied up with the front teeth looking good. It’s wonderful when people smile in the street and you get one back. It’s such a valuable thing to have, a pleasant smile and the self-esteem that goes with it.

I’m currently raising money on a project for mobile dental equipment, and I hope to have this nailed by Christmas.”

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