The cycle of giving back

Dec 5, 2019#CommuniTea Stories


Homework Volunteer at North Richmond Community Health

👤 Fiona, Homework Group Volunteer

☕ Coffee/tea order: Hot chocolate

“I used to live here in Richmond. My grandma still lives here in the commissioned flats.

What was difficult about learning at home was that my parents never had formal education, coming from East Timor. So I had to rely a lot on my older sister who’s only five years older than me, and she had to teach all of us.

When I saw a volunteering opportunity online for this homework programme in the community I grew up in, it felt perfect. It’s like a cycle of giving back – I attended a similar homework programme growing up with my sisters and cousins. We went every Friday night and there were high school and university students there to help us.

Growing up in that sort of program, I’ve become so much more grateful for having an education – that’s what I really got out of the homework program. I’m now a second-year commerce student at Melbourne University. Now I have the opportunity to spread the word, I hope more people hear about it and get access to it.

It’s rewarding and fulfilling connecting with students who are like me – I was in their position. I hope that they’ll grow up and say, ‘she had an impact on me.’ To offer such needed services to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have that opportunity, to even have a safe place to do your homework, is incredible.”



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