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Medically supervised injecting room

In 2018, the Victorian Government will open a medically supervised injecting room at North Richmond Community Health.

The centre will open as a trial, under supervision from the Victorian Government.

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Medically supervised injecting rooms save lives.

What is a medically supervised injecting room?

A medically supervised injecting room is a place where people can use drugs in a supervised health setting. This means that if someone overdoses in the centre, a staff member can respond immediately.

North Richmond Community Health’s room will also provide other health services, and provide a pathway to treatment and rehabilitation. If a person using the room needs a service like mental health support, wound care and blood testing, they will be able to access it onsite.


Why North Richmond Community Health?

To get as many people off the street and into the centre as possible, it’s important that the room is located where people already buy and use drugs. North Richmond’s drug market has existed for a long time and is concentrated in quite a small area, where North Richmond Community Health is also located.

We also already provide many vital health services to reduce the spread of blood borne viruses and other harms associated with drug use.

As a community health service, we are committed to improving the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our community.


How will this impact the community?

The medically supervised injecting room will save lives. The centre is also expected to improve amenity and the environment for the local community, by moving drug use from outdoors into a controlled, medically supervised environment.

After other medically supervised injecting rooms have opened, residents have reported a decrease in discarded needles. In Sydney, ambulance call-outs decreased by 80% after the medically supervised injecting centre opened. Bringing drug use into a supervised environment will also reduce the potential trauma experienced by the local community, who may witness public drug use and overdose.


What else is being done?

North Richmond Community Health’s Alcohol and Other Drug team works to reduce the harm associated with drug use.

We provide new equipment to prevent the spread of blood borne viruses and respond to overdoses. We also provide care, support and advice to people who inject drugs, both in our centre and in the wider North Richmond community.


Who can I talk to?

North Richmond Community Health is here for the entire community. We are happy to meet with you to discuss any questions, concerns, or ideas for how to best support the community.

If you would like to discuss the medically supervised injecting room with us, please contact Jessie Richardson: jessier@nrch.com.au or 9418 9856.

For more information, go the Victorian Government’s medically supervised injecting room website.

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